Bang Tech 12 Roster

With well over 20 years as an International Agency, The Full Bang Tech Roster found HERE is Large and encompasses Generations of DJs.  Below you will find our current roster.

Current Roster

DJ Seoul


Detroit's Techno and Electro Ambassador to the rest of the world.  Its tough to catch this jet setter in his home town because of his schedule with DTM, but if you can, watch carefully.  Thats when he mixes it up and plays all types of styles and genres.

Big Joe Hix


King of the Block.  Big Joe has been a major player in Detroit for almost three decades.  From promoting events since the mid 90's to performing at every major festival in the city on a regular basis to producing chart topping tracks as one half of The Midnite Jackers, Joe is everywhere.  Quite frankly, at Bang Tech 12 we can't get enough.

The Vandal


As a man, you won't find a more gentle or kind of a man as Wes.  On the turntables though, he is a destroyer of worlds. Stars collide and erupt into awesomeness on a regular basis when he plays.  At BT12 we look forward to producing his debut album later this year.

Brandon Watkins


OG Founder of Bang Tech 12.  This dude lays it down and has since the beginning.

Having previously performed as DJ Watts, Brandon has toured the country and seen it all. Now his focus is all production and has started a few labels since his early days in Bang Tech 12.  Here we are going to focus on promoting his music  on a regular basis.

Joshua Adams


This is the Vision of Bang Tech 12.  The man who makes us look good while still sounding better than everyone.  Holding down numerous residencies around Detroit, you can catch this DJ everywhere.  As a designer, his skills are high in demand and we are lucky to have him.

Jani Ho


The Australian Dynamo.  Jani Ho Is a DJ and a Live performer that has  headlined the entire world.  Jani’s live sets are built for the dance floor. Every set is unique, with fresh material constantly being produced, alongside a very improvisational live performance style. As a DJ, Jani has held dj residencies at various times in all 4 corners of the world.  Australia, Switzerland, Thailand, Detroit and more.



As host of "The Circuit", G.Major is the voice of Bang Tech 12.  As one of the original members since 1996, He is one of the elder statesman that shows these young guns how its done.



One of the New recruits at Bang Tech 12.  Not only did we see great potential, but we saw someone who inspired us to get more involved.  Truly a great performer and one not to miss.  Catch him regularly at the Bang Tech Rooftop party in Detroit.



Tokka is the latest addition to the Bang Tech 12 Family.  As a group we saw what he brings to the tables at the yearly Anniversary event where he showed his diversity.  We brought him on board to play regularly at our events because of his style and his ability to rock a large crowd.



One of Detroits new generation of talented Producer/ DJs has joined forces with Bang Tech 12.  Stitxhes will leave you in stitches each and every time.  Trust us.



The powerhouse combo Jitter consists of Jonathan Adler and Hunter Waak.  These two have been doing events as "Outlet" for many years, but now bring their musical talents to Bang Tech 12.  These two bring a different edge to Bang Tech 12 and we can't wait to show you how.

Think you got what it takes


Bang Tech 12 has been around for almost 25 years and has been a major force in launching many DJs careers over this time.  Some of the biggest names in the business started here with us and now travel the world as some of your favorite performers.  If you think you got the juice, contact us by hitting the button below.