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Tune in to "The Circuit",  Bang Tech 12's monthly podcast hosted by the one and only G-Major.

Being A Bang Tech 12 Artist

  • The roster of talent is handpicked, always striving for quality over quantity.  
  • The diversity is vast, you can find almost every style of dance music here. Through unique mixing or original production, all the artists here have something big to offer.

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Bang Tech 12 has been around since 1996 and has featured some of the worlds best artists.  Click here to take a deep dive into our archives of past members, old mixes, photo libraries and hidden tracks from Bang Tech 12s past.

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About Bang Tech 12

In the Beginning

There was Greg.... and from that Greg, the Bang Tech 12 Philosophy was created.

Shortly after,  in 1996, four friends that were concerned with putting on quality events with quality electronic music got together and formed the original Bang Tech 12. Originally started in Ypsilanti, Michigan, by the end of1997 they had relocated their main office to the David Whitney Building on Woodward in the heart of Downtown Detroit. 

Bang Tech 12's original members were Greg Montgomery aka DJ Eclipse, Bill Stacy aka DJ Seoul, Brandon Watkins aka DJ Watts and Scott Coleman aka DJ Recoil. Soon to follow were Mark Moss aka 8en, Andrew Ruiz aka DJ Dru, Todd Perrine, Laura Hardgrove, Maurice Turner aka Dj Moreese and Chris Gillyard aka G. Major. Some people that had a brief stay in Bang Tech 12 before making it bigtime were Minx, Billebob, Jerry the Cat, Dj Skurge, Dj Recoil, The Punisher and Magda. All of Bang Tech's artists have encoutered much success and continue to in their music careers.  

In the year 2000 and with the coming of a new milennium, Bang Tech 12 turned their focus from putting on large scale events to excelling in performance and in management. It was at this time when the company went down to only 6 dj's. With this change, came the new era of Bang Tech 12. Less Djs to manage and less events to promote let them concentrate on a higher standard of quality and a higher level of dedication.  

In 2008, Bang Tech 12 got back at it with a large International roster that spanned over 5 states as well as taking on the management of the Detroit Techno Militia and the Breakloose roster, Bang Tech 12 Management had been reborn. With very many goal minded people and truly inspired artists on the lineup, Bang Tech 12 helped the Detroit Underground regain its former glory and be on the forefront of the Music Community again.

Now in 2019 the mission continues.  With a new roster and a new website, Bang Tech 12 is looking forward while maintaining our roots.

New events including Sunday Best on the rooftop of Bookies have been a great success and bulding off of this we are planning on expanding again.  This site acts as a traveling music player with multiple curated playlists for you to download and enjoy and are also featuring exclusive free music downloads on this site.  Hold on tight.  Don't let go. 



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