Bangin' Since 96

We have had a lot of changes over the years but we have never forgot the people that got us there.  Here we remember all of or past and present members through Photos, Songs and Mixes.

Bang Tech 12 Legacy "Tracks" playlist

Studio and Production Work

This playlist features tracks from our full historic list.  Listen here directly using the site as a music player, or open it directly into the soundcloud app.

"First the BBQ then we go to BOOKIES!"

The Anniversary Party

Our Reunion Party has always been at Bookies and has always been on the Friday before Movement.  We even go back to the original Bookies which was the first floor of the Book Building (hence the name).    We did events from 2003-05 in the old location and 2006 - Current in our new home.  Below you can find lots of pictures of friends old and new throughout our (so far) 16 year running event....

see you in May.


Devils Night

In 2007 we started a really fun party at the Works Bar in Detroit.  The idea was to have DJs perform as other DJs and Musicians performing completely different Music than they normally would.  It was an extremely fun event and maybe one of the more clever ideas we were able to pull off.  We knew what we were doing when we said "First Annual"  I think it went 7 or 8 years...  Just like everything else though, it ran its course and it was time to end.  good ideas were hard to come by.

Perhaps a Reunion party or a Best of Party might come back one day.  Until then, you can get a glimpse of the hilariousness and the extremes we would go through to have fun in this underground life we all chose.