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What else can you say?.... music drives and motivates people thru their lives. With The Vandal, you can definitely get a sense of how much music soundtracks his life and consumes him as much as he consumes music in general.

As a Kid, he will often recite moments of roller skating to “Egyptian Lover”, listening to the wizard on Power 96 FM, and mowing lawns for allowance as 10 year old listening to Dj Magic Mike while he earned cash. He might even share the story of how as a 7 year old, his aunts’, one of whom was a former radio DJ in Detroit for years bought hair metal cassette tapes for his first communion as gift. Today, he’s no different, watches very little TV and consumes or invests his time in some form of music activity daily.

While being a nice guy in person, you will find The Vandal contrary to this notion behind the decks. Known for playing darker and definitely more aggressive at times with tones, tracks, progressions, The Vandal also can find something to appeal to all ears in every set along with being a versatile choice for all time frames. To him, every moment deserves a soundtrack and the later in the night, the darker goes his version of that soundtrack.

In terms of Production, Wes is taking a different angle...  He has a few Monikers he has produced under, the latest is Sine/Eyed. This moniker tends to explore different structures in the techno spectrum. He also feels this moniker allows freedom from boundaries and induces a more creative open mind in terms of writing.

As a tenured, proud member of Bangtech12, Wes Schaap AKA “The Vandal” believes in the Bangtech12 entity, the members’, and the positive contributions\presence in the electronic community Bangtech12 brings.

We warned you

Sometimes you want to dance. Sometimes you want to feel emotions and really feel what the singer is singing.  Music can be magical...  It can also scare the shit out of you. The Vandal's work has a very dark essence to it. Prepare yourself...

With the Ultimate Bang Tech 12 Soldier Eno



If you like your face, find another part of the site.  this is for serious Techno lovers only .  If you are new to this or if you are not even sure,.  Please be careful.  We did warn you and the customer service department is not prepared to handle calls of random disembowlment.  Thank you for your understanding.