“Tokka” is the moniker for Bang Tech 12’s newest Detroit House and Techno artist, Lance Massey. His stage name, literally translating “to touch,” speaks volumes for his dedication to connect with and touch his audience on another level. With seven years of DJing experience in the Detroit music scene, Tokka brings an eclectic, erratic style that really gets the crowd going. Embracing many genres of music, including Hip-Hop, Latin, and Top 40 music, Tokka can take the audience in many directions. Already devoted to mixing techno/house music, Tokka’s ambition for sharing his love of EDM ascended with an opportunity given by DJ Seoul, in 2016. Tokka has since stamped his impression on the scene of electronic dance music - through a string of events/parties - spotlighting his dexterity. His ability to immerse himself into the crowd offers an unpredictable and whimsical feeling for those attending. Now a part of the Bang Tech 12 family, Tokka aspires to bring the skills he learned in the Detroit Club and Underground scene to the worldwide stage.



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